Roaring Little Lions Rabbitry

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Sale Policy

Sorry- No Personal Checks will be accepted

Cash or Money Order's Only Please

Someone has expressed an interest in this rabbit. I'm waiting on a deposit. Please feel free to inquire.

I've received a deposit.

Paid in full, sale complete.

No rabbit will be held without a deposit.

Rabbit must be picked up withing 7 days unless other arrangements have been made. Failure to finalize purchase and pick up can result in the rabbit being made available to other interested parties. Deposit is non-refundable in this case.

Feel free to inquire about any rabbit or to be placed on a waiting list for a particular color/sex.

We reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time for any reason. In the event that we do so, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Prices of our Lionheads depend on the mane quality, body type, and pedigree.

Pricing as of January 1, 2015:

Pet quality~(only when available)
bucks and  $35.00 

Show/Brood quality:

Will make package deals if buying more than 1 rabbit.

Rabbit purchases that exceed $200.00 will receive a 15% discount of the purchase price.

Kids in 4-H & FFA will receive a discount.

We will deliver within a 60 mile radius (round trip) for a charge of $1.00 per mile round trip

Shipping is only available if you are able to find a transporter. 
We guarantee:
Your rabbit is healthy at the time of the sale. Rabbits show no sign of disease, diarrhea, nasal or eye discharge, malocclusion, broken bones, or any other defects.
We do our best at sexing young rabbits. If by mistake we sell you the wrong sex, we will take back the rabbit and allow an exchange if we have one available. If we do not have one available, I can put you on the waiting list at the top of the line for when the next litter is due or issue a refund.

We will not guarantee:
Your Lionhead will retain a mane as an adult.
We will not reimburse you for Vet bills you incur on your rabbits.
We will not refund or replace a rabbit that has gotten sick due to bad feed, stress, or extreme temperature changes. Nor will we refund or replace if it is hurt by another animal or hurting itself by natural causes, i.e. running, jumping, twisting, etc.
We cannot guarantee your rabbits fertility.
We will not refund or exchange a rabbit becoming ill due to improper housing or unsanitary conditions.

If for any reason you decide that you are no longer able to care for a rabbit that has been purchased from us please contact us. We will take back any rabbit (will not buy back but will help to re-home). At times we maybe full though and need you to supply the cage/supplies that they are currently using. We maybe able to help re-home other breeds in addition to Lionheads.